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Animated IP: A Series of Answers to Your Questions from Rose City Comic Con

In this upcoming series of posts, Animated IP, team members will answer your questions from their panel at the 2019 Rose City Comic Con. This is the first post in the series. — Question 1: I am drawing my uncle’s memoir with the goal of getting it published. He lived a very interesting life which included friendships … Continue Reading

Pop Culture: Captain Marvel, Shazam, and a 12-Year Legal Battle

Among the latest entries in the quickly expanding catalogue of blockbuster movies about comic book characters are Marvel’s Captain Marvel and DC’s Shazam!, both of which have generated hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office this year. Given the present financial success of these characters, it may come as a surprise to fans … Continue Reading

Can Publishing Research in a Peer-Reviewed Journal Constitute False Advertising?

Scientists like to publish their research so as to advance scientific knowledge. Scientific journals often vet proposed articles and suggest changes or further research in order to exercise some quality control over the research published. However, according to a California district court opinion issued this week, when the journal publisher also has a commercial interest … Continue Reading