In Nashville, songwriters’ rights are protected vigorously, as the Nashville district court confirmed in Castronuovo v. Sony Music. There, the district court for the Middle District of Tennessee recently ruled in a dispute over the authorship of certain songs that, if a claim is not barred by the three-year statute of limitations for copyright actions (17 USC § 507), a plaintiff is not barred from seeking damages beyond that three-year limitation period so long as the plaintiff did not know about the infringement. Citing and quoting Ninth Circuit precedent, the Tennessee court wrote that “the Copyright Act ‘permits damages occurring outside of the three-year window, so long as the copyright owner did not discover—and reasonably could not have discovered—the infringement before the commencing of the three-year limitation period. … Without the benefit of tolling in this situation, a copyright plaintiff who, through no fault of its own, discovers an act of infringement more than three years after the infringement occurred would be out of luck.”