Back in June, we shared that the U.S. Trademark Office announced a fee increase and it was intended to go into effect October 1, 2016. Well, the U.S. Trademark Office fees did not go up on October 1, 2016, but will go up (as previously announced) on January 14, 2017. All those filing with the U.S. Trademark Office should consider this delayed fee increase as an early holiday gift.

Most important for standard trademark filers: there will be no fee increase for Teas Plus and Teas RF (Reduced Filing) applications. Our firm files 100% of our new trademark applications as either Teas Plus or Teas RF filings. I suspect that the vast majority of regular filers use Teas Plus or Teas RF exclusively. However, if you are still wedded to Teas Regular, this is a good time to make the switch as Teas Regular fees will go up $75/class. For context, paper filings will go up a whopping $225/class (to $600/class!). This is the time to switch to electronic filing if you haven’t already done so.

Other U.S. Trademark Office fees—for paper filings—will similarly go up significantly. Fee increases for electronic filings, though, are more modest or not at all. For the average (electronic) user, the most significant fee increase will be for Ex Parte Appeals, Petitions to Cancel, and Notices of Opposition. Extensions of time to oppose (an application) will now be free for only the first 30 days. After the first 30 days, fees will be instituted for electronic filing. Section 8/71 continued use declarations will go up a modest $25/class for electronic filing.

The U.S. Trademark Office put together a chart of the fee increases copied here (note: paper filings fee increases are listed at the top part of the chart, whereas the more modest fee increases for electronic filings are at the bottom of the chart):


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our trademark team.